Kawagoe city and Offenbach am Main became sister-cities in1983. The Kura and the Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019 aims to encourage cultural exchange and friendship between the two cities. As an artists-run organization started from 2011, we have utilized traditional architectures and spaces in Kawagoe city every year. For the upcoming exhibition in 2019, we would like to share this opportunity internationally by giving an open call especially for artists who live/work in/around the city of Offenbach am Main. For more details, please find the following information on the website. We are looking forward to receiving many applicants.

Application Guidelines

Open Call for International Artists

The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019

- an interactive space -

November 3rd - 24th 2019


1. How to apply

1-1. Application period: March 1st - 31st 2019  

1-2. Applicants should fill in the application form(google form)and send directly from the website, or download the form(PDF or Word) and send by email at

1-3. Application form must be typed or written clearly in English or Japanese.

2. Screening process 

We would like to invite 2-3 international artists for The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019. Prof. Akira Tatehata (the president of Tama Art University and the director of The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama) will select the participating artists from applicants.

3. Participating Conditions

3-1. Each selected artist will receive 100,000 yen as a financial support for the round-trip flight and artwork production.

3-2. Accommodation is available from the night of 28th October until the night of 26th November 2019, which means artist can stay there for 30 nights and 31 days. Artists need to pay their own food expenses. (Please use local restaurants nearby or kitchen at the accommodation.)

3-3. Basic tools are available for free use*. If artist needs to purchase something before coming to  Japan, please contact us one month before your arrival. The staff will order your item at the local store.  * Electric equipment for rent is available. Other materials can be purchased from the local suppliers.

3-4. Artists must take responsibility for de-installation of their artwork.

3-5. Artworks are not necessarily be new made during the artist’s stay in Japan. 

4. Location for the exhibition

All spaces for the exhibition are located in the city of Kawagoe, the suburb of Tokyo. Kawagoe is well known as one of the popular sightseeing spot. In the past, the city was one of the important business centers, and that is why it had many “kura” (old warehouses) and traditional buildings, which we have utilized for the contemporary art exhibition. Although most of them are private space and usually not open for public events, we have a chance to borrow 5 indoor spaces and 3 outdoor spaces during this year’s exhibition (2019), to show some brilliant artworks. We would like to ask the applicants to choose 3 preferred places to exhibit their work. Working conditions differ on each space, so we might not be able to meet every request, but we would work the best we can to realize this annual exhibition. Please scroll down this page for more details on each venue.


( Indoor )  

A.“OGACHO” warehouse A

B.“OGACHO” warehouse B

C.“EBISUYA” (ground floor)

D.“EBISUYA” (upstair)

E.Main house of  “TANTOKU Japanese Garden”


( Outdoor )

F.  the space beneath Time Bell Tower (Land mark of the city)

G.  the courtyard in HONMARU GOTEN (Federal domain of Kawagoe Castle)

H.  TANTOKU Japanese Garden



5. Procedure


5-1. According to each submitted documents of the applicants, the managers/owners of each venue will receive the details of each artwork and exhibition.

5-2. This exhibition will not take place without permission by the manager/owner of each venue. Working conditions differ from each venue. Please note that we will need to adjust to the manager/owner’s opinion.

5-3. After all the artworks have been accepted by the managers/owners of each venue, Prof. Akira Tatehata will select the artworks of each venue.  Selected artworks will be exhibited in one of the three places of which the artist has preferred.

5-4. All the selection will be done by the end of May 2019. The results will be delivered to each applicant individually by email. The names of selected artists will be announced on the official website and Facebook page of The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019. 

6. Installation of the artwork

Each artist has 5 days for preparation until the opening. We will provide a room that can be used as a shared studio for artists. It is 5 minutes walk from the accommodation. Please find another file for more details.

7. Notes

7-1. Participatory artwork is basically not permitted for security reasons. 

7-2. Fire is strongly prohibited at the exhibition. Liquids or anything with strong smell is also prohibited. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss to the artwork during the exhibition.

7-3. We do not take any responsibility in any case when the venue could not be used during the exhibition, according to the manager / owners of the venue.

7-4. After the exhibition, please clean up and set up the venue as it was.


8. Insurance


We have insurance for body injury liability and property damage liability inside the venue, during the exhibition schedule. However, we have no other insurance that covers outside the venue and disease. We strongly recommend all artists to sign up for travel insurance on their own.


 The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019

 Head Office (Masayuki Tamura)

 2-5, 306 Ote-machi Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture, Japan

 zip code 350-0057 

 Email :

Application Form

※A Google Account is required to sign up. Account acquisition is recommended.

If you do not have a Google Account download the following application form,

Please apply by e-mail to

Application for E-mail Applicants Download

Venues for the Exhibition



A. OGACHO Warehouse A




B. OGACHO Warehouse B


E. Tantoku Japanese Garden-Main Building





F. Time Bell Tower


G. HONMARU GOTEN of Kawagoe Castle -CourtyardⅠ-


H. Tantoku Japanese Garden

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