The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition


‘The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition’ is a place of an encounter between the Kura, our historical heritage of Kawagoe city, and the emerging contemporary art works. We would like you to enjoy not only the very interesting city of Kura itself – which is known as “Ko-edo”, meaning a city that is reminiscent of the one in Edo period, but also this unique spot to see and appreciate the artworks surrounded by the unique architecture.  

The closed space of Kura -Japanese traditional warehouse, is highly suitable for exhibiting contemporary art, such as installation works. Exhibition utilizing these spaces of Kura, which can be spotted in the area of Kawagoe city, helps to build relationships between artists and the local community, which would also be a great contribution for developing and motivating our town and people who live with Kura. This ‘pre-exhibition’ (The introduction to- The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019), aims to invite more people to the committee and expand our ideas for the coming exhibition, which is to be held next year- ‘The 6th Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019’.


10 minutes walk from Honkawagoe station本川越駅(Seibu Shinjuku line)

20 minutes walk from Kawagoe station川越駅(Tobu Tojo line/ JR Saikyo line)

You can take the bus at the East Exit of Kawagoe station.

From the bus stop No.1,2,4,5 or 6 – Take Tobu bus via Kura-no-machi (蔵のまち), Get off at Fuda no Tsuji (札の辻)


The Time Bell Tower

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